FedEx Shipping Costs Estimator

We are excited to offer FedEx Shipping Services. As an Authorized FedEx Ship Center we are

capable of shipping for the Business Public, or for an Individual who just needs to mail

a package to a family member or friend. We offer Packing and Shipping Services and Supplies in case you need packaging

for sale at a reasonable price and we Never Charge For Shipping Tape.  We have 2 Pickups each day beginning at 2pm

when the FedEx Express Driver picks up the Express Packages at 2 pm each day. So if you want your FedEx Express Package to go out same day be sure to get it here before 2 pm.

Our FedEx Ground Driver has a window from 3pm to 5pm for pick up of FedEx Ground Packages. So, again, if you want your Ground Packages to go out

that day be sure to get them here before 3pm. We abide by all FedEx Shipping Rules and Regulations and Reserve the right to refuse shipments at our discretion. We DO NOT BOX AND SHIP TV or Cable BOXES, You must have a Box and a Pre-Printed Shipping Label Supplied by your Cable Company. We DO NOT Have a Contract with any Cable?TV Company.

The Nearest Corporate UPS Store That Is Able to Take Cable Boxes is in Highlander point Greenville Exit in New Albany.

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